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Weekly Card Your Tarot Relationship


Rather than look at a specific card this week, let’s talk a little about how to use tarot effectively.

Do you know folks – or are you one – who run to the deck for every little thing? Those are the folks who’ve lost their ability to make a decision without drawing a card. They no longer have hopes, dreams or desires. They’ve essentially put their fate in the draw of the cards.

I’m all for taking the information of a spread and putting it to good use. But we want to factor in our own feelings on the matter. And we want to keep our own intuition active. Tarot as a crutch is going to limit life severely. You finally have that spontaneous romantic encounter but you can’t go with it because you don’t have time to draw a card. Really? That’s a level of very sad that I don’t want any of you to reach. You’ve got a decision to make in a job interview and you have to stop to pull out your deck. Say bye-bye to what could have been a brilliant opportunity.

If you use tarot as a crutch, count on life to kick it out from underneath you.

Here’s another ineffective way to engage with tarot that I see regularly. You throw a spread and it doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. So you throw another. And another. Eventually, you might get something close to what you want and you triumphantly exclaim victory and then do what you wanted to all along.

You’ve just told your intuition that tarot is a tool that you’ll only listen to when it tells you what you want to hear. So when you use it, you’ll get two possibilities. One is that you’ll get gobbledygook from your spread. The other is that you’ll get an unreliable sycophant telling you what it knows you want.

If you don’t listen to tarot, it will stop talking with you.

No one really knows how tarot works, but I’ve got my theory. It’s based on resonance and attraction. Our beautiful vibrating energy system attracts symbols and occurrences that vibrate in harmony with it. So, when we cast a spread, we’re looking at the energies that surround us. Tarot gives us an opportunity to get conscious about some of the energies that have been below our perception horizon.

And that leads us to one of the best ways to use tarot: as guidance from our own trusted soul to our selves. We still need to choose the actions we’ll take. And we still need to take those actions ourselves. We’re interacting with tarot in the context of our lives.

Keep your relationship with tarot honest!

Yoga Thoughts

150406 Iyengar dhanurasana 2

“It is important for those of us who teach yoga to make it clear that the practice (as stated by Mr. Iyengar) does not come from the mind or the body, but should come from the heart. When we go through life with an open heart, we are sensitive to ourselves and those around us.” -Janet MacLeod

Expressing Integrity

1504 Numbers

There’s a special push to put things into form this month. Building projects that have been on hold resume construction. Businesses that have been a nebulous idea are finally incorporated. Sculptors love this energy, because they’re all about expression through form.

The energy can be summed up as expression with form and integrity. In the arts, this is also a satisfying energy for dancers and choreographers, as long as they’re not trying to overdo and push their physical limits. Focus on the beauty of the line and what you mean to express with it.

For the rest of us mere mortals, attending art exhibits or any of the performing arts (with especial emphasis on sculpture and dance) will allow us to be witness to those remarkable moments of artistic genius.

Expressing ourselves through our businesses and through the businesses we choose to be associated with is also a strong encouragement this month. Again, it’s a time to ask whether our business dealings express who we are; what’s our integrity in the world of commerce?

The energy is social this month and can favour cliques and societies. That can cause sore feelings amoung outsiders. If you’re on the outside, find connections with others by speaking your truth with consideration for the differences in people. In fact, that’s great advice for everyone this month! If you’re an insider, enjoy your special connections but be sensitive to exclusivity or superiority complexes.

Whatever the opportunities, express yourself!


Your personal month insights are available; just let me know you want them.

Weekly Card Riding with the Knight of Cups

We’ve had a pretty thorough look at the Knight of Cups before (as one of his aliases: Prince of Cups). Since he follows his heart in and out of our lives, let’s take a look at a few more of his possible faces.

One of my favourites is his appearance as a white glamour puss on his proud black mount, from the Baroque Bohemian Cat deck. This Knight obviously loves the finer things in life. When he rides into town, it means you’d better put on the dog to have a chance with him. It’s nights at the theatre and five-star dining. The minute you want to run through the sprinkler in your undies or crash on the sofa, he’ll be back on his horse in search of his next peak experience.

Brian Williams’ Knight of Cups from his Renaissance Tarot seems more accessible, perhaps even more interested in being of service. He’s awfully placid atop his feisty and substantial steed. This Knight promises growth and healing (his green garments and the corner reference to the Archangel Raphael) if we drink from the cup he offers.   But his horse has all the ferocity and bite of the transient and truncated sexual encounters (Scorpio’s sting is in there, after all – the astrological correspondence for Knight of Cups) that the Knight of Cups is famous for.

Finally, we have the Aleister Crowley- Frieda Harris Thoth Tarot (another Prince of Cups). Frankly, a whole lot more scary Scorpio and less hopeful romantic. His sights are still set firm on his desires (the serpent rising from the cup), but he wears and rides the eagle aspect of Scorpio (the “evolved” scorpion) and carries a lotus blossom.   This Prince (Knight) may still tear through with romance, but he’s putting the transformative aspect right out front.

So, what kind of emotional mindset do you need to get on the horse – or eagle – with any of these Knights, even for a short ride? Can you visit the elite artistic heights with the Baroque Bohemian Cat? Are you seduced by the gentle healing promise of Williams’ Renaissance Knight, despite his high-spirited horse? Are you brave enough to join Crowley’s Knight for a transformative flight?

What about the transient romances in your own life? Have you been the “victim” of a Knight of Cups or two . . . or three or . . . ? Were you able to let go after the encounter to let it be healing? (Or did you, like many of us!, kick and scream in resistance to the ending?) Are you still lost in romantic fantasies of bygone desires and wishes?

Or have you been the Knight of Cups, highly creative and innovative, intimate with whomever you fancy? Commitment? Of course you’re committed: to love, to creativity, to beauty and truth. Are you guilty about your Knightly self or have you learnt transformative acceptance?

Be in touch with your desires this week and make a commitment to their source. Spontaneity and creativity are required in your ride . . . the scenery will change, after all.  Above all . . .

 Commit to the ride!


When the ride gets a little wild or confusing, a tarot session with a professional can help you find your course.  And here‘s where you can find one.

Making Space for Change

1504 Change

What’s your relationship with change?

Is it the bugaboo you reluctantly accept as inevitable? Do you kick and scream, putting up resistance with revolutionary fervor? Are you so happy to see it coming down the pike that you run to meet it?

Probably depends a whole lot on your current circumstances and what the nature of the change is.

If you’re not in love with change, what is it that keeps change off your First Tier Invite list? Is it the unsettlement, the uneasy feeling that you don’t always recognize yourself when it shows up? Is it the disruption to your efficient autopilot? Is it that your closets are full and there’s just no room for it to move in?

Sometimes we’re dealing with change as an unwelcome and uninvited guest. Sometimes we’d like to welcome it, but it’s just not answering our calls.

So where do we start?

How about in the mind, first? Being willing to be unsettled, being willing to not know who you are anymore.

Too big a bite to chew? Still in the mind, entertaining the vision of possible change, of an open door for potential change. Accepting the possibility of the idea of the potential. Get used to it first, in the ideal or the abstract.

Chomping at the “real life” bit? Make small changes in daily habits. Change the timing of routine tasks. Pull yourself off autopilot intentionally.

Ready for more? Take small steps. Trying to get to the gym regularly? Get in the habit of bringing your gym clothes to work (or setting them out on the bed in the morning). Next step would be making the time to actually get them on. Eventually, physically getting to the gym will be just a small step away.

Change is inevitable — except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher

Change is why I’ve got a job — so you can use change to transform yourself positively.  Get in touch when you need a hand.