Yoga Thoughts

141006 up human

Sometimes it’s all about perspective.

And isn’t that what yoga’s about?

This Business of the Sacred

1410 numbers


We took a look at what happens when an 8 month meets a 7 year in January. All that information is going to revisit you at a deeper level this month. You’ve been through almost a whole year of discovering the sacred from varied perspectives.   You’ve spiraled deeper into your Self.

And you’re going to need all that this month. 8 demands accountability in the material world.

Often, people dealing with 8 look like all they care about is money or status or material wealth. Yes, that can be an unhealthy illustration of the 8 energy. But the healthy reason that people with 8 influences care about the material world is that they have a deeper understanding that our lives reflect our souls. As within, so without. As above, so below. The loop above reflected in the loop below.

So, look at the elements of your life in light of the truth you’ve discovered about yourself and what you hold sacred. Does your business reflect who you are and what you hold sacred? Does your house? Your financial investments? Your possessions?

Do you attempt to make changes from the outside in? Can you accept a process that begins from the inside? Do you already recognize successful areas of your life that reflect your sacred truth?

Let your life reflect your connection to the sacred. If you don’t love what you see, leave the mirror alone. Instead, examine the truth inside you.

Develop intimacy with your sacred self and let it bloom in your life.



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Here‘s where to find all the Numerology posts for 2014.


Weekly Card XII The Hanged Man Revisited


You’ve seen something that looks a bunch like the Gaian Tarot XII The Tree before. And you’ve probably already guessed that it was called XII The Hanged Man.

When you’re working with unfamiliar decks, if the image looks like something you’ve seen before and the numbering is the same, figure that you’ve got a bit of background with what you’re looking at. So, what you know from Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think will apply.

As always, though, you want to look at the elements of the image before you. So let’s dive in . . . .

My first question is why the title of the card asks us to focus on the tree, rather than the lovely lady hanging from it. Could this be a reference to the outside influences that are out of our control in the Majors?

And what about that tree? Lots of colour in the leaves. So we’re in autumn, at the end of a cycle. As we discovered, XII The Hanged Man is that point of assessment at the end of an experience where we make it a part of us.

And, in a wonderfully fun twist, our lady is hanging in an inverted vrksasana, the yogic tree pose. Her hands in Namaste are a meeting of yin and yang, masculine and feminine. We tend to think of waiting times as feminine. So what’s the masculine doing in this picture? That’s our clue that there’s a lot going on while we’re hanging. There’s lots of mental and emotional work going on beneath the surface.

How do we know it’s mental and emotional? The sky is connected with air and the mind. The hanged lady is clothed in sky. Her entire self is involved in figuring things out. Emotions are represented with watery images. She’s suspended above a big body of water. So she’s risen above her emotions. But they still figure in her process. Her sky apparel has clouds in it. And what are clouds made of?

There are also indicators that this is a voluntary process, even if it seems like an imposed circumstance. Did you notice that rope loop she’s hanging from? She could easily end this suspension. But she’s come to terms with her position; her placid face reflects her inner state.   She’s made herself at home where she is.

She’s very much one with the natural world, with her environment. Her clothing makes her look like she’s a natural part of where she is. This “hold” is a natural process.

And it’s led her to clarity. Notice that it’s her body that’s clear. She’s let go of her hair – and maybe of her mind – and moved beyond the mental and emotional process. She’s moved into a deepening of intuition, the kind of deepening that comes from integrating experience.

Find that pause between your exhalation and the next inhalation . . . there’s your XII The Hanged Man.

Light in the Dark

1410 Light in the Dark

There’s plenty I love about this time of year – coloured leaves, camping in the crisp air – but I’m not a big fan of the descent into cold and dark in the Northern hemisphere. It was a whole lot easier to live in the tropics with days that never got all that short and temperatures that never got all that low (even there I pulled out my winter coat). But most of what’s important to me is up here in the Brrrrr zone.

We’ve all got things in our lives that we don’t like. Some of them are problems we can solve. Some of them are the definition of losing battles. So what do we do?

Of course there’s the big fix: attitude adjustment. Not lying to ourselves about our emotional response to whatever we’re dealing with. Not making Stepford Wives our role models. Recognizing that there’s something to be gained in every situation.

Most of my teachers agreed that everything and everyone needed to be blessed. There followed all sorts of questions about how to bless the worst of the worst. One of my favourites came from the reminder that plant life just loves to suck up carbon dioxide. And even the most creepy horrible difficult to deal with humans exhale carbon dioxide. So the blessing became all about feeding the trees when they breathe. I love plant life, and they were helping sustain it.

There’s another way to deal. Slide right down the slippery slope to the very bottom. Make use of the negatives to support something basic and positive.

For me, I’m addressing chronic sleep deprivation by making use of the dark. One day a week I’m getting into the cozy, warm bed as close to sundown as possible and not getting up again until after daylight shows up again. Do the math: that gives me a big bonus, more than 12 hours worth of lie down time.

So where’s your exhaling carbon dioxide, dive into the darkness opportunity? How do you get something you need from the situation you’re not in love with? Draw on all that creativity you discovered and put into practice earlier in the year.

Oh, and . . . on your way out . . . could you turn out the light?


Of course I can give you a hand with finding your own “light in the darkness” solutions.  You know where to find me.

Yoga Thoughts

140929 triangle demo

“Here is the thing. Yoga is not about bliss, but about honesty. Spirituality is not certainty, but the longing of the heart. Enlightenment is not ‘letting go’ of bad feelings, but understanding them, what they’re doing to us, and how they are expressed in the body.”   Karin L Burke via Yoga Dork

Weekly Card V The Heirophant Revisited

The Enchanted Tarot version of V The Heirophant always makes me think of the Sermon on the Mount. That’s a perfect example of the spiritual education that this card indicates (your key word from Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think).

We’ve met him before, so let’s look at the specifics of this beautiful image.

The Heirophant has an expanded headdress. It’s like his crown chakra has met the heat and opened fully (anyone else thinking Jiffy Pop?). And it’s not a cold spirituality, by any means: a pure white heart is up there in the centre of the headdress. This is someone whose heart is in his beliefs. His headdress bursts into petals up at the top. I always think that his mind is flowering. Ideas that bring fragrant beauty to the world.

His robes are white, the colour of purity. He’s fully clothed in white – someone who lives a purified life.

He’s standing on purple ground. Purple being the colour of the spiritual, could it be that he’s on sacred ground? Is it the ground that’s sacred, or does any ground he walks on become sacred? That same purple is in his flowering headdress, along with the blue of water and emotional involvement (again, the path with heart).

He holds the book of the Law, which connects him to tradition. He dispenses his tradition with an open gesture, a benediction.

What of the two people in front of him? Could that be our masculine and feminine sides in daily life? Notice that the man is reaching out to the woman, beseeching the involvement of the feminine.

Who do you go to for spiritual guidance? And when are you in a position to dispense that guidance, from within your own traditions?

Learn it, live it, and pass it on!



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We’ve had another look at V The Heirophant here.

Yoga Thoughts

140922 Jung

Where are you this moment?

And where are you this moment?

And where are you this moment? . . . .

Weekly Card Ace of Cups Revisited

Open your heart! It’s ready for new connections.

We’ve looked at the Ace of Cups before. This time we’ve got the Housewives Tarot image to consider.

Remember that Aces are all about the new, about beginnings. Cups have to do with our emotions, our creativity, our relationships.

So what do we see here?

That cup sure is clean and clear. And it’s beautiful and fragile. This is the special occasion stuff, isn’t it? And it’s as pristine as if it were brand new.

The hand that’s handling it isn’t the everyday hand, either. There’s no evidence of dishwashing or gardening or the rough handling of daily life. That’s a hand that’s had a manicure, a hand that’s as beautiful as the cup itself. It’s a hand that’s ready for special handling.

So these emotions or this relationship or creative project is the early stuff, when it’s all clean and lovely. Before things get messy. When we still dress up and handle it all with special care.

Love is precious and love is kind, the clearest jewel when first it’s new . . . .

And the delicate cup is empty. What will you fill it with?

Follow your heart to find out!

Yoga Thoughts

140818 tinman yoga

Some yoga poses suck.

Like the ones that bring up all our failings.

That’s the time to find your heart and be compassionate with yourself.

Weekly Card Knight of Swords

Here’s your knight in shining armour!

The Knight of Swords (or Carrots in Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven’s Rabbit Tarot) is one of the Court Cards in your tarot deck. Court cards represent the people or energy types that cross your path. Knight energy is adventurous and forceful. Swords are the active energy of ideas, concerns and communications. So we’ve got a knight who’ll come to your rescue.

140911 Knight of Swords RWS

Rider Waite Smith Tarot

What strikes you in the image on the Rabbit Tarot? That carrot is something to chew on. Ever heard the phrase “here’s a thought to chew on”? But look at the image on the Rider Waite Smith Knight of Swords? Does he look like he’s taking time to chew on much of anything?

Our Rabbit Knight has a goat for a steed.   He’ll be sure-footed, able to take on all sorts of terrain, even the straight up and down kind. His horns even look a lot like the rabbit’s carrot.   Up there on his head, his mind is on the outside. If you know any goats, you know they don’t take long to act out any thought that comes into their heads. That quality is very Knight of Swords.

We can see clearly in the Rider Waite Smith image that having a steed extends the Knight’s range of travel. And all that motion looks like it’s happening at top speed. Knight of Swords doesn’t wait around or waste time.

When have you been called on to be a Knight of Swords? Who do you know who embodies that regularly? How would it benefit you to go there this week?

Think quick!


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We’ve had another visit with the Knight of Swords.