Yoga Thoughts

140825 playful moon yoga

What can we play with today?

A simple inversion can change your view of what’s possible.

Remember, adho mukha svanasana (down dog) and uttanasana (standing forward fold)

can be inversions.

Understanding the Sacred

140902 Understanding the Sacred

This month is our chance to really dive deep. Sacred immersion.

It’s sacred immersion with consciousness. Reveling in every detail of the experience. Getting totally geeky about it.

We’ve all got areas where we geek out. Did you totally get into that boy in high school, wanting to know every little thing about him? Are you a Dungeons and Dragons fan? Can you quote Star Trek or Doctor Who episodes? Music? Wine? The latest theory in quantum mechanics?

Now is the time to develop that level of interest and understanding about the sacred.

Approach that understanding from a distance. It’s most productive this month to start with an understanding of how the sacred serves the larger community. Start with your discoveries from last month. Let your inner geek go to town with analysis and questioning.

Then get personal. Look back to March. What did you discover about your sacred self? There’s the next batch of information for your geek self to chow down on.

Throughout the month, don’t be surprised if you find yourself bumping up against the demands of your life. If you’re lucky enough to arrange retreat time for yourself, make it happen. Keep cutting those around you some slack – we’re all feeling that we need to go our own way. And you can use those edgy moments to help you understand your own sacred more deeply.

Sanctify the sacred.


Yes, numerological counseling is amoung the services offered here.

Here‘s where to find all the Numerology posts for 2014.

Weekly Card XIX The Sun ReConsidered

Lets go back to basics to welcome back XIX The Sun, even though we’ve looked at it before.

Those of you who’ve learned through Tarot . . . It’s Easier Than You Think can see that XIX The Sun has a keyword of “self-actualisation”.

Who are you, actually? There’s who your friends think you are, who your kids think you are, who your boss thinks you are . . . . And who do you think you are? (Only get rid of the accusatory tone that usually goes with that question.)

You also know that the Majors are indicators of circumstances that will make deep changes in you, if you let them.

Does that make you fearful that big horrible things will happen that show you up to be exactly the person you didn’t want to be?

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Look at the lovely image from The Enchanted Tarot. What do you see there that’s big and horrible and repulsive?

Mostly we’ve got that big happy smiling sun face. What does that say to you?

And the sun’s rays are shining down on two birds. What does it look like they’re doing? How are they getting along with each other? And with all those flowers around them, does it look like they’ve got enough to eat, and enough to sing about?

So we can dispense with that fear of seeing ourselves as we don’t want to be seen, can’t we?

What if people saw you for the good things you are? And that means you, too: what if you saw yourself in a positive light? Like the smiling sunlight?

If you’re an element of XIX The Sun, which element are you? Which part of the image do you relate to most?

With all the information you’ve gathered from your knowledge of keynote and the Majors, along with your examination of the image on the card, what do you guess is coming up in the week ahead?

Enjoy your XIX The Sun-filled week!


If you’re having trouble bringing your true self to light, you know where to reach me for help.

Transform the Impossible

1409 Impossible Door

There are things in our lives that are completely out of our control.

Like people bombing each other to “solve” problems. Like poisons being dumped into our water and air.

(I’m going to stop now before we lose heart. You’ve got the picture.)

Since we’re all connected, all these things impact us. Some slam into us directly. Some are cushioned by the many bodies between us and whatever’s at root.

But what can we do about them? Ignore them? Become a world-class cynic? Do nothing and hope for superhero salvation?

There are small, personal actions we can and should take. Make purchasing choices based on the long-range consequences. Make our views known to the people “in charge”. Be supportive and involved with those taking the direct impact.

And there’s something more we can do.

Study after study affirms that when groups of people meditate, pray or “send positive energy”, statistics like crime rates lower in the area. Group focus with strong intention even affects random number generators.

It seems impossible in our scientific paradigm, but it’s not.

And that’s the point. There’s still plenty of “impossible” happening in the world around us. The doors to solution for the unsolvable are still open, at least a crack.

So meditate, pray, send good juju. Take the practical actions you can see. Then contribute transformative energy to the impossible solutions.

Open impossible doors!


Yes, we can work together on the global or personal impossibilities in your life.  You know where to reach me.  Let’s be part of changing the world!

Yoga Thoughts

140811 stress level

Of course yoga for stress.

But is your yoga class solving all your problems?

Or do you actually need to be yogic outside class?

Yoga Thoughts

140825 Iyengar

India Times has a lovely write up on Sri Iyengar’s contribution to yoga

Yoga Thoughts

140804 playfulness

Lightness, playfulness, non-attachment.

How often are those elements in our approach to asana?

And yet, they’re a requirement to our higher aspirations.

The Social Sacred

140802 Sacred into Social Kii_Mountain_Range

What is it with groups and religions, anyway?  Seems like we just get into big trouble when we try to get social about the sacred.

Can it even be done?

We’ve probably all experienced the itchy fit in our lives (if not, yay! for your gifted journey).  You find you’re marching to your sanctified drum while the social sacred is holding services over there.  And if you hurry to get over there, they’ve moved on.

Or you totally devote yourself to the social service demands only to wake up one day feeling completely out of communication with the sacred.  You’ve lost touch with your sacred self.  And you’re suddenly touchy and hyper-sensitive with the group sacred.

We all know the social sacred can happen.  And it doesn’t have to be by chance.

Begin by looking within.  Get in touch with the sacred inside you.  How do you bring it out into your community and put it into service?

Then look around you.  How does your community support what’s sacred to you?

Combine the two and, voila!, there’s the social sacred.

And that’s the energy of August’s numbers: communion.

There’s lots of sensitivity at play here.  Develop a variety of truly intimate and meaningful relationships this month.  If you’ll use your awareness to build sacred connections in a few places, the Universe will provide opportunities for more.  If you get stuck – or itchy – it’s time to make some deep new connections.

By the end of the month, you’ll have found your way to the shared sacred.  And it will be a smooth fit.


Of course this is something we can sort out together.  If you’re stuck in the itchy sweater, all at 6s and 7s with the situation, you know where to find me.

Here‘s where to find all the Numerology posts for 2014.

Balancing Act

One of my favourite stories involves a ruler who found himself on an emotional roller coaster far too often.  When things were going his way, he was happy to the point of smugness: he’d been doing things right and now he could count on personal satisfaction as his reward.  When things were going badly in his estimation, he’d wail and rage, feeling cheated by life.

This particular ruler was wise enough to recognize that he was missing something by being at the mercy of his emotions.  So he gathered his sages for advice.  When they’d heard the ruler out, they departed, promising him a solution.

The next day they provided it: a ring engraved “this too shall pass”.

1408 Balancing Act This Too Shall Pass

Why a ring?  A ring encloses our finger, wraps around it, the same way our lives enclose us.  We’re not meant to escape them.  Detachment is often mistaken for a solution to the personal journeys we’re all called to make.  The ring, with its saying, provides context and containment for our emotions.  Our emotions are only part of who we are.  We are called to stay involved emotionally without mistaking our emotions for the whole story.

In fact, all of our moments are just part of our stories.  Enjoy the highs while they’re here because they’ll come to an end.  Take heart through the lows because they’ll come to an end.  Eventually, even our current story will end.  You want to be fully present for every engrossing moment, without being overwhelmed by your emotions and without kicking them to the curb.

No matter how high the highs or how low the lows, we can keep our balance, knowing

this too shall pass.

Weekly Card King of Swords Revisited

It was just a few months ago that we stood before the King of Swords.  His appearance in the Legacy deck is very different than in the Dreaming Way.  As I’ve said before, The Dreaming Way Tarot depicts people I expect to see in my daily life, even if they’re a bit exotically dressed or positioned at times.

So, let’s reach into daily life this week.  When you look at the image on the King of Swords, who are you reminded of?  How old is s/he?  How does s/he interact with the world?  What happens in emotional situations?  What about when s/he’s required to make decisions?  How does s/he deal with health issues?  With children?  Does s/he like to be in charge?

Go back and read the post that told you a little about the King of Swords.  Now who do you think of?   Is it the same person?  If it’s someone different, how would you answer the questions in the last paragraph?   Are there any overlaps between the answers?  You can begin to find your personal affinity to various decks by comparing what you “know” about the cards with what you “see” in the cards.

Some tarot traditions attach specific appearances to the court cards.  Of those, some say the King of Swords will be fair, with blonde or white hair, and in full maturity.  Others say his eyes will be dark and so will his hair.  The agreement is in the commanding presence.  As you identify the Kings of Swords in your life, do you find any patterns of appearance?  Age?  Gender?  Colouring?  Dress?  Carriage?  Presence?

Finally, what’s your relationship with the King of Swords?  How do you feel when you meet up with your Kings of Swords?  How do you interact?  Do you like him or her?   What would you emulate?  How do your interactions make you feel about yourself?

Find the King of Swords in your life and make her/his best qualities yours!