Relaxation to integrate

We’re not all that good at stopping to integrate life experiences. Even when it’s not holiday season, we tend toward the future. What’s next? Our relaxation strategies are usually escapism. Involvement in fantasy. Or someone else’s life. Or sensual indulgence. Or hamster wheel-ism. Endlessly caught in thought loops, as if enough time…

Staying Present

It’s amazing how much of life we miss because we’re busy time travelling. We freak out over ‘what ifs’ in the future. We berate ourselves to the point of abuse over the unchangeable past. Staying present.  Being here now.  Ram Dassing it. To a lot of us, it’s a foreign reality.  The good…

Yoga Thoughts

Do you fall into the ego trap of instant gratification?  Is it the instant gratification of forcing into an asana?  Is it the instant gratification of mistaking lax for relaxation?

Yoga Thoughts

The impacts are not just bone deep . . . . Take a look at this article connecting relaxation practice with genetic expression.  You’ll never feel the same about your stress again.